Musan Underwater Experience

A new diving excursion, MUSAN UNDERWATER EXPERIENCE, is going to be held every Monday from 08:00 to 13:00/14:00. This diving excursion is appropriate for:

QUALIFIED DIVERS: Qualified divers can make two dives. One dive into the underwater museum and one at Cape Greco.

Full equipment, cylinders, weights, diving instructor and transfer from the hotels and back are included in the price.

SNORKELING: For people who wish to explore and enjoy the underwater statues and have a new special experience. A second dive follows at Cape Greco. Transfer from the hotels and back is included in the price.

Cruise includes:

  • Transfer to and from hotels available
  • Full equipment, cylinders, weights
  • Diving instructor

Please note that:
Food and drinks are not included in the total package of the excursion.


Musan Underwater Experience



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*For a group more than 4 people transfer from other cities can be arranged on request.